I'm a portrait artist & videomaker :)
  • Check out here how i made my new drawing of One Direction!!

  • I just finish this big drawing of One Direction i hope u guys like it! it was a lot of work! this took me a complete week! watch how i made it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju8Top8lOY8

  • I’m making a music video for the song Legendary Lovers :) i really love Katy Prism album! Stay tuned guys! promise it will be amazing! :)

  • I made this little cover for Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart i hope u like it guys!

  • This is my new cover! Amnesia by 5SOS i hope u like it guys! tell me what do you think about it :)

  • Check out my new video drawing Team 7 Reunited! i hope u like it guys!!

  • Check out my new drawing of Katy Peryy inspired by #THISISHOWWEDO

  • Check out my new drawing inspired by Bang Bang by Nicki, Ariana and Jessie J! I hope u like it guys! PLZ share it!

  • agrande-news:

    Drawing Frank and Ariana Grande By Juan Andres